Zalf company was founded in 1974 by a previous structure and its name is an acronym of the initials of the four partners: Zavarise, Andreola, Lucchetta and Fanizzi. But shortly after the company has become the property of Lucchetta. At the time of implantation of Maser was a reality of 3500 square meters on 10,000 square meters of land. The whole production line has been rebuilt from scratch with a substantial investment. In the late eighties and the beginning of the next decade, Zalf has seen a substantial expansion of the production, reaching 25,000 square meters of covered area. Have been inserted in the new CNC machines that have doubled the daily production.

Today it is a Group Euromobil and expresses its production philosophy, aimed to offer each individual the opportunity to express personal choices with their own uniqueness. Its attractive design and rigorous interprets contemporary tastes and adheres immediately to the different moments of everyday life. Are projects dedicated to children, teens, singles, young couples and all those who love to live in style but also with creativity and confidence. They fit perfectly in any size, from larger to smaller and consistently draw the rooms of the day and night.

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