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TURRI – Since 1925, when the first furniture products left the workshop of Pietro Turri and were immediately recognised for their superior quality.

Three words continue to express the Turri philosophy, now as always: original, authentic, unique. These are the values that permeate all our products: from individual pieces to comprehensive interior decoration projects. We are driven by our love of and respect for a classical sense of tradition that requires uncompromising quality standards, even when interpretations are modern and innovative.

Based on these premises, the brand style is a way of thinking about luxury in interior decoration that has built us an international reputation for Italian made products.

Our “mission” is to bring the art of luxury lifestyle in every room, who is looking for luxury will always find in Turri a deep understanding of their aspirations (desires) .

Our offices and production facilities work to “build” luxury day by day.
And it is in this spirit that we choose our materials and finish each and every component of our interior decoration projects.

But all this is still not enough. The most sophisticated machinery and systems could never achieve the unique quality offered by Turri if it weren’t for what we are convinced is the most important factor in the process: the artisan skills that our craftsmen – often true artists – invest in every single product.

This is the only way to achieve the ultimate in form, quality and prestige.
This is the only way that furniture can bear the name Turri.

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