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SOVET – SOVET was founded at the end of 80’s by six Trevisan glaziers. In 1990 it has been taken over by the current owner who converted it into a successful company able to establish itself as a new protagonist in the world of the design furniture made in Italy. SO.VE.T. immediately stands out for the functionality and style of its products.

Glass is a daily magic, a fascinating and polyhedric material that can assume infinite shapes, colours and reflections. Sovet transforms it in a range of original, captivating and functional products for home and contract; an exciting challenge that exploits the most innovative processes.

Sovet’s mission is to obtain the highest quality standards and to increase as much as possible the charm, the value and the versatility of this material.

Sovet is also very careful about the environment: it privileges the use of glass for its ecological properties, reduces the use of polluting substances and has developed a recyclable packaging system.

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