slamp –  Slamp is devoted to decorative design lamps, capturing the most current trends, drawing on the natural world, on architecture, sartorial virtuosity and artistic developments, transforming them into luminous objects, that are both suggestive and versatile.

Every Slamp lamp is unique and recognizable thanks to the use of unique materials which are light, noble and unbreakable, allowing one to create and construct forms, decorations and effects otherwise impossible with other materials. As in any haute couture atelier, the creation of a Slamp lamp follows a precise “ritual” of transformation, through a system of cold cutting, slots and folds executed by hand: a flat sheet of technopolymer becomes three-dimensional volume.

Slamp’s large semantic universe was born in a creative workshop where, since 1994, archistars, product, industrial, lighting and graphic designers, have interacted with the internal team in a process of artistic contamination to transform, as if through an alchemical process, the artist’s distinctive drawings, into a design object that respects the identity of the brand.

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