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Poltrona Frau


Poltrona Frau – International design brand,symbol of elegance and perfection of the Made in Italy.

Since 1912 the name Frau leads immediately to the idea of quality and design applied to furniture and in particular the seating. A name associated at first to a German resonance, but that is just the name of the company’s founder, Renzo Frau from Cagliari and that over time has been able to become witness of the “Made in Italy” style and quality all over the world.

The production quality of Poltrona Frau has always been inherent to the culture of beauty that animates all creations, from armchairs to sofas, the desks, the chairs in the private sector as well as in corporate one.

Everything, from the idea to the finished product, from the presentation of its collections to the after-sales support is designed to provide maximum comfort to the customer.

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