The history of Ozzio Italia started in 1961, in the cradle of many italian design excellences: the Brianza district, located north of Milano.

In the first artisan workshop of the Pozzoli Family, quality was the first value: with this philosophy and a strong bond with its homeland, the company grows until becoming, today, an international brand, currently available throughout five continents.

The OZZIO collection is characterised by a particular interpretation of contemporary lifestyle, fruit of a vision that gathers inspiration from the whole world and transforms it in unmistakably italian design propositions.

The Ozzio Italia propositions are so innovative that also the production methods are unique: an exclusive knowhow where technology empathyzes with the roots of an artisan workshop.
Two aspects, both part of every highlyskilled workers at Ozzio Italia, handcrafting every detail of the collection.

The continuous collaboration with italian and worldwide designers is fundamental for the idea at the root of Ozzio Italia philosophy: to reinvent the modern living, defined by ever shrinking spaces, creating transformable and multifunctional pieces of furniture, with multiple intended uses. A real creative partnership started in 2005 that enriches, year by year, of encounters, project, surprising innovations.

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