OPINION CIATTI  – “A design object should always
tell a story… make you smile, make you excite,
without forgetting to be functional.
Innovative but with roots coming from afar,
only this way it will last in time.”


/ a very personal opinion on the world of design.
For Opinion Ciatti design is a fertile ground where new ideas and new shapes are tried and tested. The resulting objects are always intense and expressive, revealing a non-dogmatic type of research and a passion for design skills. Also revealing a company that brings together quality and family tradition. Memory and modernity, roots and vision, the past seen as a mean to see the future.

The Ciatti family has managed Opinion Ciatti since the 1950s: three generations later, the business continues to evolve.

Today, Opinion Ciatti is a young and dynamic company tuned to both private and contract clients, it deals with important projects and contracts, and it is involved in prestigious partnerships worldwide.

Unique and distinctive signs take shape, project after project, object after object. Modifiable and modular pieces of furniture as well as unique pieces with a distinctive character: metaphors of a contemporary, free and adaptable lifestyle. Each product has its own identity, inspiration and history. Unique stories, which are sometimes parallel, sometimes divergent but that are always linked by one theme.

Unique stories conceived and experienced in Florence, 100% made in Italy.

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