MORE PROVASI – Since 1970 until today.

More Provasi is the contemporary furniture brand born in the strong Provasi reality that, since 1970, passes on the artisan and luxury furniture tradition in Brianza.

Relying on the strength of experience and international success matured during the years, the ideas and inspirations of the new Provasi generations have led to the creation of a contemporary style with clean lines and valued materials, for a clientele that is lover of design and perpetually in evolution. Linking the past to the future, tradition and innovation in order to answer the new furnishing tendencies, More mirrors the commitment for a 360° proposal, dressing a completely tailor-made home: from the comfort of the design sofa, to precious curtains and handmade tables, to the chandeliers, fabrics and carpets.

It’s the guarantee of a precious and luxury result, entirely created by the know-how of its Designers, Interior Designers and Style Office, as well as by the experience of Artisan Masters.

The Company philosophy underlines tradition, custom-made products, care of every single detail and development of turn-key projects, adding cherished materials and new technologies. Creating, in this way, ambiances with a unique mark: the authentic Made in Italy concept.

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