Love your customers, even more than they expect, show them who you are, make me laugh. Four points of the decalogue that Marcel Wanders and Casper Vissers, Moooi founders, drafted to express the values that guide the creation of the collection of the Dutch brand products. A company whose name expresses its philosophy: in fact Moooi means wonderful, but written with one more “O”, “extra wonderful”.

The strong product line, designed by Wanders together with internationally renowned designers (Jurgen Bey, Bertjan Pot, Jasper Morrison, Ross Lovegrove, Studio Job) is composed by chairs, cabinets and bookcases, accessories, sofas, tables, lamps and lighting.

All of the Moooi collection is characterized by the target to balance and combine three important aspects of a product design of furniture: the exclusivity of the object, its ability to become an icon of style and the absolute functionality in everyday life.

The following Moooi furnishings and accessories have become design icons: Carbon Chair, Monster Chair and Smoke Chair; the lamps Horse Lamp, Non Random and Random; and finally Paper Table, Chess Table and Pig Table.

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