Surprising, innovating, trying to deceive the time with shapes that take from ancient styles but redesigned through the use of new materials and new finishes. MC Meroni & Colzani  born with this spirit and goal.

The merging of two historical craft companies producing and manufacturing furniture and sofas for over 50 years in Brianza, gives birth to the new brand MC MERONI&COLZANI: a connection between past and future, craft-based history and innovation, experience and originality.

The use of esteemed and exclusive Made in Italy wood and material, stemming from an initial careful selection, emphasizes the symbiotic relationship between the brand and the design world which deeply influences the image and the thought, distinguishing MC MERONI&COLZANI from any other working reality in this field.

MC MERONI& COLZANI is synonymous of elegance and luxury. The sartorial materials on sofas and armchairs and the tender shapes of the furniture smartly get together the world of the interior design and the world of fashion. Fashion is emotion and creativity, an inspiring element of different ways of life: MC MERONI& COLZANI wants to transfer the same emotions to the product , which is inanimate, so that it becomes unique and able to reflect the behavior and the personality of the producer and the consumer.

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