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We believe that people should have their ideal bathroom, whatever that means to them, as standard. We’ve been creating quality bathrooms for over a 100 years. It’s what we do. From basins to baths, toilets to taps. When it comes to designing, manufacturing and configuring bathrooms we know a thing or two.

We believe we can help people to create their ‘real ideal’ bathroom because we are the experts in bathroom ergonomics. ‘Ergonomics’ sounds very grand but really it’s quite simple: it’s about user centred product design, thinking in terms of people shared spaces and achieving balance between form and function.

Over 100 years of creating bathrooms means we understand how a bathroom works in totality – from the design of the perfect fitting through to making the most of the whole space. And because we produce our own products using the best materials and skilled craftsmanship we know that every product is made to the highest quality standards.

Idea Standard are innovators – we created category defining innovations such as the ceramic Disc cartridge that put an end to dripping taps. And click technology which cuts water and energy use. Our unique idealblue technology for fittings can now help households save even more of their precious energy and water resources.

The application of our expertise has a very clear purpose – to help people get the best out of their bathroom, so that they can feel their best – everyday. For us that’s A beautiful use of space.

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