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Carpets & Outdoor Design – Gandia Blasco

The company Gandia Blasco, based in Ontinyent (Valencia), was established in 1941 as a family business manufacturing blankets but in the mid-eighties, the company is forced to make a strategic change to survive the competition of international markets.

Over the following years, the brand is consolidated in the textile industry due to the exclusivity and innovation projects: carpet edges, with prints, hand-woven, with original shapes. The success of the carpets led to the creation of other products, such as sheets, duvet covers, bedspreads, fabrics and pillows.

In 1996 the company began to develop a collection of garden furniture. It was a new twist of commercial dynamics that later became the most significant.

Gandia Blasco has always wanted to enrich the variety and style of the products with the different languages of the designers it works with, all professionals with a compelling national and international prestige.

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