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Yes, Formitalia is really the most prestigious Italian brand that produces furniture and accessories of all known at this time. The most accurate confirmation of a collaboration with another famous Italian car company Lamborghini, the ability to use whose logo – a racing car – in the design one of the collections Formitalia bought to the next annual renewal of the range.

The company FORMITALIA was founded in the city of Quarrata not so long ago – in 1985, but has firmly secured the position of leader of the Italian furniture industry of luxury. Existed at the time family workshop Grazzianо Overi undergone serious renovation, resulting in a new factory. So far, the business exists as a family – doing leadership, the sons of founder David Overy and Gianni.

The Italian Formitalia factory is the major manufacturer of luxury furniture in Europe.
The basic direction of work of factory is exported to countries that appreciate truly luxurious furniture. The Italians themselves are not too busy buying furniture Formitalia – she’s too cute to chic in Europe. Worldwide, there are about forty shops offering furniture by Formitalia, while Italy can only boast of one located in Florence.

The company’s designers offer their own view on the “Italian form”, made from the finest materials, including genuine ostrich or crocodile skin. Connoisseurs choose furniture for living rooms, bedrooms, offices, dining rooms, and soft furniture that makes the atmosphere in the house is truly luxurious. The highlight of the company is Formitalia accessories, combined with collections: this is an exclusive interior clock, bed linen of the softest silk, women’s stylish bags, sports accessories… in short, with the help of design from the brand, you can create interior design to the last detail.

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