FLOS is one of the four famous lamp brands in Italy. It was founded by Cesare Cassina, Dino Gavina and Arturo Eiseinkeil in Merano, Italy in 1962. In the early years, he devoted himself to the commercialization of Cocoon, a sprayed plastic imported from the United States at that time. Later, he slowly cooperated with many well-known designers and established relationships to launch a series of lighting fixtures.

The products combine classical elegance with modern design. Under the first-class manufacturing technology, it has a very good reputation in Europe and America. Many high-end space designs use Flos products in large quantities. And call it “Rolex in the lighting industry.”

The brand will make the best combination of the advantages of manufacturing a lamp factory and its designers. Under the modern minimalist appearance, the product shows humanity and practicality, making Flos lamps become a classic in Italian industrial design. Emphasizing the design trend in line with the modern trend, catering to today’s consumer culture, chasing the interesting lighting products.

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