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DURAME – Durame was born in 2012.

It is an italian company specialized in the productionof furniture, accessories and objects for the home. and it is the result of the union between the great passion for wood carving, transmitted from age to age, and the desire to shape new and fresh ideas and thoughts.

Here is it, therefore a series of unique objects characterized by experimental and meaningful connotations. Each of them has a different meaning and a precise e personality that fully expresses the values of the noble Italian raftsmanship and the limitless potentialities of the oldest building material.

Durame is the result of a combination of a great passion for woodworking, handed down generation after generation, and the desire to bring updated, timely new ideas and thoughts into being.

Therefore, their products – furnishings, accessories and objects – have clearly experimental connotations and are full of meaning. Each piece has a distinct personality that fully expresses the values of Italy’s highest level of artisan craftsmanship and the infinite potential of the world’s oldest building material.

The brand name, Durame, is the Italian name for the hardest part of the trunk, the very heart of the tree that is usually made into boards. This word indicates the particular nature of our production: solid wood is the main material, and when used with other materials it maintains its taste, elegance and attention to detail.

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