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Ditre italia

40 years. Art becomes history
Each product tells the story of 40 years of history, tied to artisan upholstery tradition, created by the De Marchi brothers in 1976 in San Martino di Colle Umberto. Their workshop became an increasingly tight ship and, in response to demand for a customised product, it grew into an important manufacturing company. In addition to its business acumen, Ditre Italia confirms, year on year, its aptitude for detail and its artisan skill that make its collections stand out. The story of our past is what distinguishes our today.

Our values
Ditre Italia is a company about people. We listen, share and experiment. Our products are born from a spirit which is the cornerstone of our business, built up by passionate figures that create more than just objects; they create products to enjoy and surfaces to touch. The sofa is an experience, a journey through a lifestyle that draws us in and never comes to an end. Our curiosity and experience feed a desire to continue on our way in this unique adventure.

Man and technology
Our entire production cycle is kept under constant control by man, from the woodwork to cutting the leather and packaging the end product. Every stage in the production of our sofas features artisan techniques that respect our attention to detail, and use of technology like electronic cutting – but the manual skill and eye of a human is what commands and oversees our production process. DiTre Italia brings together tradition and technology, artisan skill and industrialisation. All Made in Italy.

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