cielo – The uniqueness of Made in Italy handmade, research and technological innovation for contemporary bathroom design.

CIELO stands out for the exclusive collections of sanitary ware, washbasins, shower trays, tubs and urinals, the result of careful stylistic research and an innovative approach not only to the choice of materials and shapes but also to production processes.

Through its mindstyle, deeply tied to the productive tradition of its own territory and to the quality of the design of the industrial product for the bathroom, the Company enhances the potential and the peculiarities of the Italian ceramic manufacture, historically present in the Civita Castellana district, where it is located in municipality of Fabrica di Roma.

CIELO’s mission is to bring ceramics beyond the known limits, through shapes, sizes, thicknesses, surfaces, colors. Our products express, enhance and blend an extraordinary and unique ability to work Ceramics, to a contemporary and timeless design. Ultra-thin thicknesses, original and contemporary design … make our ceramics unique and inimitable.

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