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To satisfy the imagination and the intervention of the consumer, while maintaining a large production run, from 1981 Cappellini dedicates to the study and implementation of the collection Sistemi, a flexible proposal that allows you to decorate in a different way, environments completely different between each other, through a wide range of colors, finishing, woods and types of accessories.

Cappellini is also dedicated to the objects and complements for the house creating in 1992 a collection of products for the house calm and measured, simple but with great design. The core of the project is the design and synthesis of normality; lamps, vases and containers that make up the collection are pleasant and honest.

The diverse products offering of Cappellini also allows you to manage large projects contract offering the design as an added value, providing to architects and designers the different aesthetic languages of the most interesting names in the world of practical design, with cross-functional products, that integrate and adapt to any need.

Everything was designed primarily to be used, unlike the prevailing trend in recent years. The offer is completed with Cappellini limited edition products, not only to increase the value of the image and the cultural solidity of its realizations, but also to preserve a pinch of healthy fun.

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