BENTLEY HOME  is a brand of luxury furnishings that offers a collection inspired by styles typical of the famous automobile brand.

A decisively “aristocratic” personality, therefore, which also has innovative young aesthetics where style and savoir faire create interesting details and unique solutions.

The company belongs to Luxury Livingroup, a leader among corporations in the luxury lifestyle sector and the only company that develops, produces and distributes furnishing collections Made in Italy for the most famous brands on the international scene.

The group is known for its constant commitment to keeping artisanship alive, those special techniques that make each product unique through experimentation and innovation,

and today, it is also present in the residential and contract segments, as a growing, constantly developing business.

The BENTLEY HOME collection is inspired by the unmistakable urban landscape of the English capital with its unmistakable marks of contemporary architecture, from which it borrowed the inspiration for its products.

To complete its exclusive nature, materials of absolute quality and precise, definite craftsmanship, which is revealed through a style of silhouettes and pure forms.

Currently, BENTLEY HOME produces chairs, padded furniture, tables, chests of drawers, bookcases, cabinets and various types of complements, which can cover any room in the home.

Among its more noteworthy pieces, we would like to present the generously padded Ashley armchair, the comfortable Melrose sofa and the elegant Balmoral living room table in polished stainless steel with top in wood panels.

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