ARMANI  CASA  since its inception, after more than 10 years of development, has now become the field of luxury furniture, the world’s leading brands.

Adhering to the life of George Armani dream: to create a warm and harmonious, the ultimate comfortable and beautiful paradise, the brand has been adhering to the elegance and style of harmony and unity over the years. Since 2003, Armani/Casa interior design studio began to provide personal, real estate developers from concept design to construction supervision, such as a full range of interior design services.

The studio follows the artistic style of George Armani, conducts rigorous and detailed architectural research, and carefully studies the cultural, geographical and architectural environment of the project, so as to provide customers with the perfect creative decoration program.

In this way, the development of personalized design in terms of functional characteristics and aesthetic values can be perfectly integrated into the surrounding environment. Armani Casa Interior Design Studio’s research will determine the choice of all materials, colors and topcoats used in the decoration, as well as the design of embedded or custom furniture; the sole purpose of doing everything is to ensure that each design is unique , Fully meet the needs of customers.

Recent projects at the Armani Casa interior design studio include the Maçka residential area in Istanbul, the world tower in Mumbai, India, the century minaret of Manila, Philippines.

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