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Firm Arflex was registered in 1950 in Milan by its founder – Corso Porta Vittoria. But the history of this furniture factory started a little earlier, in 1947, when a group of scientists together with several designers and entrepreneurs engaged in the creation and study of new materials. The experiments with the polyurethane foam previously used springs were replaced with the resulting material. Due to this, in 1949, appeared Antropus chair, which was Marco Zanuso.

The first product of the brand – sofa Sleep-o-matic – was awarded a gold medal at the Milan Triennale in 1951 anniversary. This was followed by equally good presentation of the armchair Fiorenza designer Franco Albini. The wooden frame of this chair is completely covered with polyurethane foam.

From 1952 until 1954 Arflex produced chairs for Fiat Topolino. Chairs from the set of standard Fiat easily replaced by factory made by Arflex more comfortable flat-bed seats. Now the driver during a night trip to stay and sleep comfortably. Thirty years later, in 1982, the Italian designer and architect Marco Piva has created for Arflex seat Toys – it was a modular system with completely removable upholstery.

In the late seventies furniture collection Strips brought the company Arflex professional Compasso d’oro award. Ten years later Arflex has invited the cooperation of Burkhard Vogtherr, who began to develop her pieces of furniture. Some of his inventions, in particular, swivel chair and armchair Armilla Minitonda, were constructed on the basis of the steel frame with two types of upholstery – leather or textile.

Another fruitful cooperation has been working Monica Graffeo for Arflex. Her project chair Mints was launched in 2004, and a year later appeared a second chair by Monica Graffeo – Enpleinair.

Factory Arflex is one of the first to produce models with removable covers. This new technology has gained such popularity that the chair Gaia, for example, placed on permanent display in new York’s Museum of modern art (MOMA).

By the end of the twentieth Arflex furniture gained international recognition. Through the use of new materials and components in the manufacture of furniture the popularity of the brand is constantly increasing.

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